The Beauty of God

What is the beauty of God?

This question made me think for a while and I desire to know and grow in it more and more.

I think the beauty of God can be seen in His creation.  David describes the beauty of God in His creation in some of the Psalms.  The story of Creation talks of all the works God made and that He saw that they were good.  His works are great and marvelous.  I like Phil Wickam’s song that says The sun and the moon declare who You are.

I also think God’s beauty is seen in His character and nature.  His character is seen in His story as He relates to people.  He shows His beauty through His gracious, compassionate, merciful ways.

The beauty of God is also seen in the person of Jesus Christ.  Psalm 45 describes the beauty of the Jesus Christ.  He is fairer than the sons of men, He loves righteousness and hates wickedness… The beauty of Jesus is seen in His death on the cross for the sins of the whole world.  While on earth Jesus looked on the outward appearance like a normal man (Isaiah 53:2).  His beauty was seen in His humble, meek, submitted, obedient heart to His Father.

The beauty of God is seen through the Spirit of wisdom and revelation as our hearts are awakened in knowing Jesus.  The blinders are knocked off and we are able to see Him through revelation in His Word.

Just like David’s one thing was to gaze on the beauty of the Lord; so is mine.  I want the Word to search me and know me as I meditate on it and then to let it change me so I can reflect the beauty of God.

To become less of me and more of Him.  I think I gain real beauty by gazing on real beauty through the Word.

Beauty can really be seen on people who spend time in the Word and talk with Holy Spirit as He takes the things of Jesus and manifests them inside a person.  We are transformed inside and out.

I think this in another way the beauty of the Lord is seen; on the faces of those who seek Him.  I am so glad He created us to reflect His beauty and love.


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